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About Us

Come on by and find space to focus on work

The Guild is designed to be a cozy and inspiring space. There’s a team who keeps things running — coffee hot, tea iced, plants watered, space clean. All you have to do in come in, sit down, and get to work.

But you won’t be lonely. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by people who are also working hard. You can meet for coffee and chat, share business ideas, collaborate or get creative together. You may find your people here.

Brought to you by Sasquatch & Chick, a husband and wife team who believe in breathing new life into Cleveland’s older homes. The goal is to provide useful spaces — a vintage inspired apartment, a retro home, or an eclectic workspace.

We hope you’ll come in, pull up a chair, and find a home away from home.


Eclectic Design

A nod to the old and the new, neutral and colorful, classic style and modern thought. We threw it all in the snowglobe and gave it a shake.

Group Events

How about... we throw some and you can throw some! Got a topic you can teach? Share with the community! A book you keep meaning to read? Come to Silent Book Club.

Events Space

Host private events in our space. It can be a party or a training event. We've got a variety of table and chairs, just bring your plans.

Conference Rooms

We'll have two. One for smaller teams (4-6) and one for larger meetings (10-12). They'll rent by the hour or the day, so let us know how we can help you out.

Amazing Community

We hope to build a thriving community of fascinating people. Game nights, taco nights, sharing ideas and collaboration -- the sky's the limit on the fun we'll have.

Free Flowing
Sweet Tea & Coffee

It's just easier to come up with brilliant ideas with a drink at hand. We know. Whether you like it hot or cold, we'll have everything you need in a central location -- the kitchen.

"this is such a great idea!"
Everyone we talk to